Sunday, April 6, 2014


DateAircraftRoute of FlightTime (hrs)Total (hrs)
6 Apr 2014N21481SDC (Sodus, NY) - local flight0.81259.7

Two trips to the airport in a single day used to be rare for me, but now that Warrior 481 is hangared so close to home, such a feat is easily managed. Good thing, because I did not complete my post-flight responsibilities after returning late from a breakfast flight. At a minimum, I needed to bundle the airplane up for preheating: I had an early morning appointment the next day at Boshart Enterprises two counties over for the Warrior's annual inspection.

That evening, after dinner (sushi!), I returned to the airport in a more leisurely fashion than I left it. As much as I hated to move away from the Le Roy Airport, I really appreciate my ship being so close to home.

It was a calm night with high clouds and I decided that it made a good opportunity to test fly the new LED landing light, an aptly named Whelan "Parmetheus". I decided to upgrade to the LED after a recent failure of the old-school GE 4509 bulb (a PAR36) made for a dicey night landing at home.

I went aloft at sunset and played around in the sky until there was sufficient darkness for a good test.

Briefly, the light works great. I should have made the switch sooner.

I can only see one disadvantage of the LED light: it draws so little current that my habit of verifying a load on the ammeter during run-up is no longer a useful test for a functional landing light. I think I can live with that, particularly if the light is as durable and long lasting as claimed. With the lower current draw, I imagine that the ancient Chrysler alternator on the nose of my airplane will not have to work nearly as hard to light my way at night.


  1. I really want to put some in the Lance. You can use your heated pitot to check the load too.

    1. Sure, but that won't tell me anything about whether the landing light is working or not... :-)

  2. Stick a mirror on the hangar across from yours. Problem solved!

    #wipeshands :)

    1. Or tree, whatever works! :-)

    2. Then you can use the TREE check...

      T - Taxi light on
      R - Rotate towards tree
      E - Engage landing light
      E - Electrical check complete!

      Us pilots and our acronyms, I swear.

    3. Aw...go GOOSE A CAT! :-)

    4. guys crack me up. Love that LED landing light, just wish Beech put it in the bottom cowl instead of the darn wingtip.