Sunday, July 25, 2004

Ghost Squadron

An advantage to living in Kalamazoo MI is that I don't have to travel much to see some incredible vintage aircraft; they more or less come to me.  The Commemorative Air Force's Ghost Squadron, based in Midland Texas, visited Kalamazoo during July 2004.  They arrived with Fifi, the only B-29 still flying in the world and Diamond 'Lil', a rare airworthy B-24 Liberator.

Every summer, the CAF's B-24 (left) and B-29 (right) tour the country.  This year, the pair spent a week in Kalamazoo outside of the Air Zoo.  This shot was a lucky one; ATC vectored Dave (with me in the back seat of the Decathlon) over the museum right after takeoff in order to avoid a commercial jet on approach to the airport.