Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Placid Journey

Date Aircraft Route of Flight Time (hrs) Total (hrs)
16 Sep 2007 N21481 5G0 (LeRoy, NY) - LKP (Lake Placid, NY) - 5G0 4.4 567.6

After my excellent visit to Lake Placid at the end of August, I wanted to share the experience with my family.  It was another high pressure day, with low winds and clear skies forecast.  While the winds were indeed calm, the clouds did not burn off in northeastern NY as forecast.  We had a great trip nevertheless.

Headed eastbound at 3500', the air was incredibly clear.  Some low clouds at our altitude still hovered over Lake Ontario, reflected on the lake's strikingly calm surface.  Sodus Bay, pictured here, is one of the more definitive landmarks of any flight along the lake.  Near Syracuse, the cloud cover thickened, leading us to climb to 9500' to clear it.

From 9500', we could maintain visual contact with the ground through massive holes in the scattered layer.  In this case, we were struck by the sight below - dozens of wind turbines dotting the landscape.  While still above the scattered layer, Kristy and The Bear managed a new first: a high altitude diaper change!

Closer to Lake Placid, we found ourselves bathed in sunbeams beneath a scattered cloud layer.  The rising terrain of the Adirondacks blushed with the slightest hint of autumn ruddiness.

On approach into Lake Placid, Kristy caught this photo from the back seat.  It's the same bit of contour farming that grabbed my attention on the last visit, caught under a hole in the scattered layer as though a spotlight were deliberately focused upon it.

Kristy's perspective of our base to final turn for runway 32 at Lake Placid.  Even before exiting the taxiway, the Unicom operator asked us if they should call the Trolley to take us into town.  I barely had the Warrior's wheels chocked before the Trolley appeared in the parking lot.  Now, THAT'S what I call service!

We had lunch on the edge of Mirror Lake.  Though it was a chilly day, we sat outside on the deck next to a powerful stove pumping out the heat.

Kristy and The Bear at the Lake Placid airport, preparing to depart for the flatlands.

Lake Placid is a great little town.  Kristy captured this snapshot of town as we climbed away from the airport on our return flight.  We had an excellent lunch and wandered the shops.  As new parents, we were particularly taken with a shop that sold nothing but novelty Onesies for infants.  Offerings included one that read "nobody puts Baby in the corner" (if Dirty Dancing had any real value, it's that nearly 20 years later, it's pretty darn mockable) and another olive drab Onesie depicting the silhouette of Che Guevara.