Saturday, December 28, 2013


Date Aircraft Route of Flight Time (hrs) Total (hrs)
28 Dec 2013 N21481 SDC (Williamson, NY) - 6B9 (Skaneateles, NY) - SDC 1.4 1237.7

Finally, a break in the weather. Clouds disintegrated and sunshine reached through their tattered remains to melt the snow that fell Christmas Eve. I took the Warrior aloft for mutual exercise; a nice, if routine, flight.

Returning home above a 3,000 foot haze layer, I watched the sun descend through the misty surface, seeming to ignite the false horizon.  As we inched closer to home against a monstrous westerly headwind, the sun appeared submerged in the vapor, its rays shifted crimson when viewed through the thickened lower atmosphere.

A fitting way to close out an eventful year of flying, I think.


  1. Awesome shots!
    I wonder how some folks go on each day never giving the sunrise or sunset a second thought. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Gary. We are fortunate to have such unusual perspective on these wonders!

    2. Absolutely. I think watching sun filter through scattered clouds from above, or watching isolated rain showers move across the landscape, are just a couple of the truly amazing sights few ever experience.

    3. That's one of the reasons we do this, right?