Monday, October 10, 2011

Quiet Celebration

Date Aircraft Route of Flight Time (hrs) Total (hrs)
10 Oct 2011 N21481 5G0 (LeRoy, NY) - FZY (Fulton, NY) - K09 (Piseco, NY) - 5G0 3.7 992.2

I took a vacation day from work in hopes of seeing some fall color. From "The Weather Channel", I knew that the Adirondack High Peaks were already past peak color, but that foliage on the more diminutive peaks to the south might still favor a brighter complexion.

It was a quiet morning at the Le Roy Airport on October 10.  Not a creature (or airplane) was stirring.

Oswego County Airport looked inviting, so I stopped for fuel.  When did $5.30/gal become a bargain?

The low-lying areas around Piseco Lake were still quite colorful, though the higher peaks surrounding the area skewed more amber than crimson.

The Piseco Airport, located on the north end of Piseco Lake, was deserted when we arrived.  

I seated myself on a shaded bench with a view of the trees paralleling the runway to the west.  Breathing deep of the clean air, alone at the quiet country airport, I savored a simple picnic lunch.

As I finished, another aircraft landed.  The pilot of the Light Sport Aircraft handled the squirrely winds spilling over the western peaks far more capably than I.

On departure, I circled the area once to get a final look before returning home.

Back to work tomorrow...


  1. Beautiful colors up there! I simply haven't had the time or money to fly lately. Hoping to get up once or twice in the next week as our colors peak down here, though.

  2. Awesome colors! As with Steve's location we haven't peaked here in Delaware, not even close. I'm looking forward to some fall foliage flights towards the end of the month or start of November.


  3. Thanks for the lovely Fall photographs.

    I note that you are a self-confessed aviation museums junky? Well, I have worked in three (and lots of other aviation stuff!)

    Perhaps you might enjoy the blog? It is only 50% aviation (alternate posts) but has some half-way decent photographs; the latest post is on the sole surviving IJAAF Kawanishi Ki-100-1B fighter, on display in the RAF Museum, London. Enjoy...


  4. @ Steve and Gary - The effect of elevation was very evident in the Adirondacks - the low areas were still colorful, but the peaks were the color of an old school bus.

    @ Ross - Thanks for writing, I'll be following along!

    -- Chris