Sunday, March 20, 2011

(Comparatively) Speedy Return

Date Aircraft Route of Flight Time (hrs) Total (hrs)
20 Mar 2011 N21481 PTK (Waterford, MI) - 5G0 (Le Roy, NY) 2.5  912.7

When Dan and I flew to Pontiac on March 18, we worked against a 30+ knot headwind that lengthened our trip to three hours of actual flight time. By Sunday, March 20, the winds had relented and Warrior 481 bore us back to Le Roy after two hours and five minutes in the air (the 2.5 reported above is Hobbs time, with the extra representing the time spent on ground operations at Pontiac and, to a significantly lesser extent, Le Roy).

As the brown landscape of rural Ontario rolled past, I commented to Dan that I don't take many aerial photos during March or early April. Who wants to see pictures of brown, desolate landscapes?  As a case in point, the St Clair River above is a swath of color separating Michigan (lower frame) from Ontario, Canada. As we reached Niagara Falls, I was forced to make an exception - the falls are always spectacular.

I never get tired of this view.


  1. "I never get tired of this view" Nor do I! Great shots of the falls. I can't wait to fly back for a four day weekend get-away and not have to drive it!

  2. Great shots. Often people ask why I fly. It is for sights like these.